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OPC comes from a long heritage of family investors carving out their experience in the equity markets. OPC is composed of Kay & Richie (spouse).

Kay started trading many years ago alongside Richie, who spent years developing a consistent strategy to trade the markets. They both are active in the markets on a day-to-day basis. This power duo comes into the market with a mission & accomplishes it daily. 


Kay has decided to share her wealth of knowledge in the equity markets. By now, you have probably visited the free trading blog at which covers a lot of basic but very informative information.

But now it's time to dive deeper into Kay's trading knowledge. OPCCPRO is for anyone that is serious about trading, serious about life, and serious about making good use of time. OPC is for traders that take action & accountability for their own trades. Relying solely on someone else doesn't teach you anything. I will share my tools, ideas & trade idea so you can learn to make informed decisions on your own. 


 "You either follow the 90% crowd or you blaze a new trail like the 10% that succeed"

This is a service for those looking to better themselves & commit to creating good trading habits & decisions while in a professional, helpful environment. 

OPC isn't like other "traditional" services out there. Members at OPC are on a journey with Kay. You will never just be another "number". Your success is her main interest & we are willing to dedicate the time needed to help you and others grow. 

OPC will deposit a wealth of knowledge on a day-to-day basis to our members. Every day you can expect to learn a new nugget of information that we have collected in the many exploring the markets. A true no fluff approach that is unlike any other out there. 

Trading focus.

We focus on using technical analysis to spot trends & momentum. OPC trades a strategy that hinges on risk first & above all else. We trade anything that is moving or setting up.

We trade both stocks & options while controlling risk. We aim to catch a piece of a move to access profits as the trade progresses.

We swing trade based on the market conditions; we adapt when needed.

We post charts & trade ideas throughout the day as we see things materialize. 


OPC is the Gold standard in trading

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